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In the Giennois, the maintained and marked out hiking trails offer walkers a multiple choice of routes throughout the territory.

You will first find walking and hiking trails (PR®): The Promenade and Hiking trails offer circuits lasting a few hours or a full day. They thus meet diversified needs: short walks suitable for families, thematic discovery routes, training in GR®.

Circuit autour château d'Arrabloy

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Circuit autour château d'Arrabloy - GIEN

The village of Arrabloy is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, with lakes and forests which entrance the eye and invite you in to discover the region's abundant wildlife. The human history is just as rich, with a 13th-century fortress and keep protected by a moat.

Circuit autour de La vallée de La Quiaulne - SAINT-GONDON

A settlement which can trace its history back to the Gallo-Roman era, Saint-Gondon lies at the point where Berry, Sologne and the Loire valley meet. An opportunity to discover the bucolic charms of the Quiaulne valley.

Circuit autour de La vallée de La Quiaulne

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Circuit autour des étangs de Dampierre

Circuit autour des étangs de Dampierre - DAMPIERRE-EN-BURLY

Between the forest and the Loire, the picturesque village of Dampierre is surrounded by lakes. On the banks of the Mill Lake, hear the water splashing through the race of the old mill. Beneath the fortified walls, see the reflections of the houses and flower-decked gardens in the Bourg Pond.

Circuits autour de Coullons - COULLONS

Circuits autour de Coullons

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Circuit de Trousse-bois

Circuit de Trousse-bois - BRIARE

Discover the 'river crossroads' where the Loire and its parallel canals meet. The circuit also passes through Troussebois Park and its game-rich woods.

Circuit de l'étang du Puits - CERDON

Dotted with springs and streams, surrounded by game-rich forest, Cerdon is an authentic Sologne village. Its many footpaths offer a variety of options to explore these natural surroundings and enjoy the convivial atmosphere of this lively village.

Circuit de l'étang du Puits

Circuit de La Notre Heure

Circuit de La Notre Heure - CERNOY-EN-BERRY

Sentier de l'île à Gaston - CHATILLON-SUR-LOIRE

Gaston's Island is named for one of its old owners, and is home to several alluvial woods. The Mantelot lock previously served to allow boats across the Loire before the canal bridge was constructed.

Sentier de l'île à Gaston

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